Automatics, a company that overcomes current adversity

Currently, the world is going through a critical and not very encouraging panorama in many aspects, many global crises in economic, environmental, social and common welfare issues; however times of crisis are learning for those who know how to discern what is happening, and also show the strength and effort of those organizations, and individuals who have been preparing for many years to go through any critical circumstance. One of those organizations is Automatics.

Today, after great efforts and on the verge of turning 50, we are consolidated as a reliable and lasting company with a 3rd. Active generation. In the history of the company we have overcome three global economic crises, for that learning at the moment we are owners and deserving of being in the process of the greatest growth in the history of Automatics, we have managed to give Mexico a development and manufacturing company of arms of robot, this 2020 we will start exporting our products.

Grateful to all those who have made it possible to reach our current position: family, work team, clients, suppliers, business partners and collaborators, we envision continuous growth, in favor of continuing to contribute in a real way in the Industry to which We belong and continue to promote jobs and development in our country.

See you later.

Ing. Víctor Morales Rebollo
CEO – Director- Automatics SA. de CV.