Who we are?

Automatics S.A. de C.V.

We are a Mexican transnational company

We specialize in handmade Mexican automotive industry solutions.

Founded in 1971, we have enough experience providing manufacturing and engineering solutions, continuously contributing to the development and evolution of business opportunities.

Our Mission

To be a world class company that develops technology development patents that are of high value for our customers in the area of automation.

Our Vision

Generate global manufacturing solutions and technological integration based on quality, service, time and fair cost.

Our years focused on the automotive industry allows us to offer quality and durability in tailor-made solutions with the right balance of functionality and costs that truly adds value to the parameters of our customers, which results in the right time and cost, our vocation of service is more extensive than contract clauses, is our chance to perfection.

We are ready to offer the industry, the solution to your needs for MRO services with the support of a company with technological support and manufacturing capabilities.

Our history

More than 40 years of experience