Manufacturing of

ultralight tools
for robot

In carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium.
Virtual or real simulation
with own robot.

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installation and

Product development
and programming
of manufacturing processes.

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Systems of

Detection of
Double blank

Welding detectors.
Thickness measurement.
Non-destructive tests.

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Our history

We are a mexican transnational company

We specialize in manufacturing and engineering solutions, tailor-made in the mexican automotive industry, contributing continuously to the development and evolution of business opportunities.

Who we are?

Automatics is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customer through the design, manufacture, integration and installation of equipment for the automotive industry and support our partners represented.

Guaranteeing the applicable requirements of our stakeholders to meet their needs. Also, we seek to meet the expectations of our products and services, acquiring the commitment to continually improve our quality management system.

Electrode for

Spot Welding

Tip dressers, electrode tip changers and heavy duty blades.

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Simulation and

Tool Manufacturing

Developed for robot, and transfer fingers of 2x and 3x.

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Tool Charger and Crash Protector

Specialists in Automation of Quick Change of Tool “End-Effectors” and “End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)”.

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Bands for


Specialists in the development of solutions to complete a line of presses, such as conveyor belts with different configurations, claw warehouses, die washers, dewaxing tables, kit for extracting rollers for hot stamping, magnets for unstacking.

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Our strategic partners, specialize

in the area of automation and robotics

Our clients

We have a mutual commitment with our customers